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17 Aug 2016

Why South African Media Buyers ‘Fear’ Online Marketing

Online advertising in South Africa remains stuck in second gear because media buyers fear facing up to the ‘fallibility’ of traditional ads, says a local expert.






When marketing makes you nervous… 


You know your business needs marketing. But you dont know where to advertise or how much is the right amount to
spend. That’s when you are most vulnerable. And that’s why cold calling has continued to work all these years.
Perfect timing. The rep calls and says ‘we have a special going at a 20% discount’ we reply ‘Yes, that’s great! I’ll take
it.’ and then tick off our marketing job DONE.

Next month… same feeling, same sales, same place, but no idea of past advertising ROI (return on investment).
So where does that leave us the next time we need to make a marketing decision? Where does it leave us next
year when the same event comes around and we still dont know if attending last year was a success?

Marketing needs to be target based and strategy driven. When I say target based, ask yourself ‘will the person that needs
my product or service see or hear or read this?’ ‘will they care about what I am trying to say to them?’ and strategy based
is ‘How will I know if it worked?’ “am I reaching my goals?’’

Now remember, if something is target based it still needs to placed be in the right target area. For example, you would
launch a light fitting in a building showroom and not in a clothing store. And what is important to you wont necessarily
be important to another. What are you saying to your market? Most business owners I consult with dont see the
importance of communicating price out in the open. They would take a full page advert and it would consist of their
mission, goals, values, business hours, premises, products/services and on and on. What in that advert is there about the
customer? What is in it for them?

Strategy based is a difficult one. Most marketers and business owners struggle to link their marketing expenditure to actually
form part of a marketing strategy as a whole. Start with why you want to market.What your objectives are and what will your
KPI’s be. You need to ask yourself these simple questions.

Consult with a professional for even an hour if you need to ask some questions. You can plan 6 months ahead, because then you
will start to bring your objectives into play. Then, after that, you should have nothing to be nervous about.



Sostac release


The Little Marketing Company’s Laurette Batstone qualifies as South Africa’s first SOSTAC Strategic Marketing Planner Marketing is all about
your brand’s relationship with your customer. Attracting the customer, encouraging them to buy into your values and qualities, and of course,
providing them with a reason to stay. There’s no doubt that marketing plays a huge role in the success of your business.
But with the rapid evolution of marketing channels, along with changes in consumer behavior, how can you be sure that you’re doing the right thing?

By hiring an expert, of course!


“The key to a successful marketing plan is always in the planning,” explains Laurette Batstone, owner of The Little Marketing Company. “While
you need a healthy dose of creativity, the overall approach is based on proven theoretical models. There’s no such thing as a fluke when it comes
to executing a winning campaign. It’s about asking all the right questions from the start - and that’s what makes the SOSTAC model so effective.”

Good news for clients

Batstone recently qualified as South Africa’s only certified SOSTAC Strategic Marketing Planner. This means that she has been professionally
trained to utilise one of the world’s most successful marketing planning models to its full potential. What does this mean for The Little Marketing
Company’s clients? Carefully planned marketing strategies that are well balanced, focusing efforts and marketing spend where it matters most,
using the latest marketing channels and techniques. Batstone goes on to say that she is “addicted” to the thrill of seeing tangible results. She loves
to see her clients thrive, knowing that she has been instrumental in their success – and with her SOSTAC certification in hand, she now looks forward
to better results than ever.